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WTC1993 Silver Eagle BU

wtc coin news  WTC1993 Silver Eagle BU

So I made a post recently about the MS68 and MS69 1993 WTC silver eagle that it is a very rare coin with only about 120 coins in its population found at the WTC. Well I am starting to see people on E-bay calling the 1993 Gem Uncirculated coin very rare, and as most of you know following E-bay auctions on these coins know, that is not the case. The WTC 1993 Gem Uncirculated coins is very often up on E-bay going for anywhere between $70 to $140. Well after my posting I am seeing the 1993 Gem Uncirculated coin show up with buy it now of $230. The 1993 Gem Uncirculated coin is not any more rare than the 2001 Gem Uncirculated $1 silver coin from the World trade center. Just to make that clear to everybody. So people saying that the 1993 Gem Uncirculated is 10 times more rare than the 2001 WTC Gem Uncirculated does not know what they are talking about.

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