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wtc $100 Australian 1999

$100 1999 Australian $100

I thought we where close to having all the coins from the WTC on this page but found this one today that was missing, The $100 Australian Nugget from 1999 I know I have seen the $50 also from 1999 but have not seen the other 2 gold pieces for the 1999 Australian Gold Series

2000 AUS 15 Gem Uncirculated WTC Ground Zero Recovery 9999 1 10 Oz Gold
Time Remaining: 27d 14h 11m
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WTC Eagle

WTC Eagle is what many people call these coins as they came from the World Trade Center. The WTC Eagle where both Silver and Platinum Eagle coins that where found. The coins has a historic value to most of us WTC collectors.


WTC Recovery Silver Eagles

WTC Recovery Silver Eagles are probably in the numbers from 50,000 to 100,000 total Silver Eagles recovered from the vault under the world trade center. The total number is not release yet by PCGS but most people that I have talked to think the numbers is around these figures. Now over 80% of all the coins that came out of the World Trade Center vault was certified by PCGS and Collectors Universe as Gem Uncirculated and not with an MS grading.


Coin Values

Coin value is always what somebody wants to pay for a coin there can be no other definition to this. To determine the coin value for these WTC coins there are a few things that needs to be remembered. Coin value is a combination of coin population, price of the metal, coin grade and finally the history of the coin. Just look at E-bay that will give you a  good idea of coin value to the WTC coins. So let have a look at this coin the WTC 1999 $50 Gold Eagle what would be the value of this coin. Well by having a look around on this page the population of this coin is thought to be around 144 coins total in the MS69 grade. The coin can be found on E-bay for around $1,300 to $1,800 which is much more than a regular MS69 1 oz eagle grade by PCGS. Coin value here is a historical value and a population value as are the case with most WTC coins.


Silver Eagles

Silver eagles where found at the vault under the world trade center and even in this Gem Uncirculated grade it sure is a beautiful coin. The pedigrees American Flag insert made on all silver eagles found at the world trade center vault was specially design by PCGS when they graded the coins and put them in their cases. Many of the coins I personally own has small specs of dust and other debris inside the enclosed capsule but I look at this as just part of the history of these coins.