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1983 1 oz Krugerrand

The 1983 1 oz kruggerand wtc

It does not happen often that I find a coin from the world trade center vault that is not in my collection but today there was one. This 1983 1 oz Krugerrand was not in the collection on this website. Again as with many of the other coins I just know that it has been certified PCGS Ground Zero Recovery coin. But how many are out there of this 1983 gold coins is not certain. The seller on ebay is having at a Buy it now for $1500 but remember with the Krugerrand coins they are not .999 like the US eagles and gold coins they are .917 but still its now a historic coin and its for sale if anybody are out there collecting the South African WTC coins. Link here

Finding the whole set 1983 1 oz gold being one of them

How many gold kruggerands where there under the world trade center? how many different years, this is the 1983 1 oz gold coin but where there other coins still not seen here on the or other places. I will keep looking at Ebay for answers. The 1983  1 oz gold coin what a beauty