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WTC 1 of 521 Set Gold

set 2001

Year 2001
Material Gold and Silver
PCGS Certification Gem Uncirculated 1 of 521
Population Less than 521
Coins in Set $1 silver, $5,$10,$25 Gold

This is a nice set that somebody collected out of the 1 of 521 series, just missing the $50 Gold 1 of 521 if there where on in the series I don't know that. Very nice collection that must have taken a long time to put together.


WTC 1440 Set

numbered sets


Year 2001
Material Silver and Gold
PCGS Certification Gem Uncirculated 1 of 1440
Population less than 1440 Sets
Coins in set $1 silver, $5 Gold


This is the 1 of 1440 set of the WTC series, the set consist of these two coins the 2001 $1 Silver Eagle and the 2001 $5 Gold Eagle both certified as Gem Uncirculated. They will be hard to find but I guess that is what makes collecting so rewarding if it was easy nobody would do it.