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Hurricane IKE reduced the amount of WTC Coins?

1987 wtc

Yeah that is what I though when I read it from a person selling WTC coins on Ebay.

"Experienced collectors know that the population of this coin was reduced when hurricane IKE devastated Texas. Hundreds to thousands of WTC coins were lost at sea in the hurricane. Right now no one know what the actual population of this coin is but the population has to be less after the hurricane."

It could be that I just don't know about this but please if anybody has the story would somebody send it to me. I am not saying its not true I am just saying I never did hear that story.

Now if you look at the coin in the picture I do love the discoloration going on in the coin, I hope that is what the coin looks like and not just the photo taken. To me the most exciting WTC coins are the once that have marks on them from the WTC not just plain coins in WTC holders.

Anyway I hope to hear the Hurricane Ike Story if anybody got it.