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  • September 9th, 2010
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WTC Coin E-book Ever Made NOW FREE

Chances are if you asked any of your friends or family where they were that September morning, they’d know exactly where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news. You might even have known someone injured or killed due to the horrific attacks on 9/11. No words or things can ever replace the loved ones we’ve lost or soothe the trauma we underwent as a country on that fateful day. Lives were forever changed, and the buildings ultimately destroyed with little left to salvage.

Because of the calamity and devastation to the World Trade Center buildings, almost everything in them was destroyed. However, under World Trade Center Tower 4 were the COMEX vaults operated by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission.

Within these vaults were valuable silver, gold, and platinum that were held by international institutions and banks. When the cleanup began a few months after the attacks, these metal bullion and coins were discovered- they had miraculously survived the attacks that damaged so much and took so many innocent lives. The silver, gold and platinum coins recovered and later grade by PCGS will forever be known as the WTC coins.

The coins were from countries all around the world, including North America and Europe. The Professional Coin Grading Service, the esteemed organization in charge of certifying the origin of valuable coins, received these salvaged badges of the enduring strength of a freedom-loving people. Needless to say, these recovered coins serve as a sober reminder to “Never Forget”, never forget what transpired and the lost lives on that day.

All of the information surrounding these coins is available in the new ebook “WTC Coins”. WTC Coins covers all the coins found at the Iron Mountain Vault, the history of the WTC coins and what coins where found. This ebook is the most complete write up on the WTC coins ever made, a great way to start your collection or to read stories about the WTC Coins you might not have known.

If you are a collector of the WTC coins and want to know everything there is to know about these coins this book is for you. If you are just starting out collecting the WTC coins this will be a great starting point in your journey getting to know the story behind the coins and what coins are available in the market place.

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