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New WTC coin Never Seen Before

So this to me is a new coin in the WTC coin collection, its the 1 of 12 2001 silver eagle.

1 of 12 $1 silver eagle 2001

A very special WTC Ground Zero Recovery find!

On November 11, 2001 two months after the disaster, this 2001 American Silver Eagle was among those found within the vault. They were taken away by Brinks to a storage facility and subsequently graded by PCGS. There are only 12 of these in existence. This is the most rare silver eagle from a limited grouping of all WTC silver eagles.

This coin is part of a two piece set which was comprised of this coin along with a one ounce Credit Suisse Gold Ingot also marked "1 of 12". Being a "1 of 12" set, obviously there are only 12 that exist slabbed and certified by PCGS. Of the 12 sets that existed, 9 of those 12 sets were owned by one person who's secretary accidentally shipped the 1 of 12 Silver Eagles out as normal 2001 Silver Gem Unc Eagles.  Who knows if or when the others will ever surface as they are probably tucked away just as that ..... normal silver 2001 Gem Unc Eagles. We only have one and what a find this coin is! Link to Auction