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WTC 11 Years But We Will Never Forget

As the 11 year anniversary gets closed to the WTC towers collapse it feels more a part of history than ever the WTC coins I have in my vault. Taking them out once in a while to admire their beauty and to look at the American flag insert.

I have not been looking at Ebay for a while as new coin acquisition has not been in the cards for me. However around September 11 the WTC coins normally comes out in force. I can see this year they are to. I always look for the best coin I can find to display here as that would be the coin I would get. This coin is selected both for how rare it is and the price point for a coin of this caliber.

WTC 1994 $50 gold

This year it goes to the WTC 1994 $50 MS67 gold coin. With a very small population and a price not above $4,000 its for me the best coin on Ebay right now for my collection if I was in the market.

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