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WTC-1992 Austrian Sch.

Again a brand new coin was found in the weeks of the 10 anniversary of the WTC attacks. This time its more of a mistake by the PCCG but still its a new WTC coin with only 1 coin in exsistence. It was on ebay for a short while but was then sold for $2,195.99 where a normal 1999 Sch. goes for around $800.

This price I think is justfied by the fact that only 1 mistake like this has been found in the 200 Austrian Sch. Even on the part of the flag the coin says 1999, but when you turn the coin around you will see the date 1992.

wtc coin news wtc austrian coins  WTC 1992 Austrian Sch.

It would be a good idea for everybody that are reading this to check your WTC coins for years and labeling there might be more coins like this out there.

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