WTC Coins 13 Years Today

On these pages you will find all possible coins that where recovered from the WTC vault when the towers fell. The coins survived the devastation of the days and months to come. They where dug out of the vault some 2 month after 9-11-2001 and by armed guard taken to the PCGS for certification. Its a great symbol and a great story that you will find here on these page of how these coins survived.

We are all collectors of stories and memorries and this day for all of us Americans is a day we have to remember so we can make sure it never happens again.

For people that want to start a collection of World Trade Center Coins certified by PCGS I suggest using Ebay

Follow this link for an overview of the coins available for collectors Click Here





wtc coins

Also we are offering a Free Book that give you the full story about what happened and how these coins came to be. Please enjoy. Download E-Book Here

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