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The coins that were recovered out of the COMEX vaults in the sub-basement of World Trade Center were certified by PCGS and a chain of custody was followed from the time the coins left the vaults at World Trade Center until they arrived at PCGS for authentication. PCGS has never publicly released or have any population reports generated for these historical coins and it is our understanding that they have absolutely no interest in ever doing so anytime in the near future. Collectors are left to wonder, why would a reputable coin grading service such as PCGS take all of the extra measures to ensure that the coins never leave the sight of security officials so that they could properly authenticate the coins if they never had any intentions of keeping accurate records of how many coins were actually recovered?

We believe that PCGS, the number one coin grading service, owes it to the American Numismatist as well as the victims of September 11, 2001 the courtesy of a population report so that we can at least have some kind of reference as to what the prices for some of these historical pieces should be according to their rarity. These coins are so unique and mean so much to so many collectors worldwide that not only is it time for some kind of accountability, it is time to properly give these coins the respectful place and recognition that they deserve and have now earned in numismatic history. These PCGS certified coins will forever serve as reminders of the events of September 11, 2001 so that we may never forget our Brothers and Sisters that were lost on that fateful day.

Whether collectors refer to them as “Historic Coins” or “Blood Coins” it is now of no consequence as they have now earned their rightful place in world history. The coins are what they are, important pieces of world history no matter who profited from their sale or whether or not PCGS thought it were right! It is true that quite a few dealers and or collectors made or are making money through the sale of these coins but how else can they be passed down from generation to generation? As gifts? Come on people, let’s be real.

If an individual collector and PCGS authorized dealer Mitchell Spivac known as www.wondercoin.com on eBay can account for 100 New York State Quarters that raised over $40,000 dollars for the Uniformed Firefighters Association (UFA) Widows’ and Children’s Fund. How come PCGS and or the “Originators” of these the World trade Center Recovered coins cannot account for every coin certified given the fact that an official statement given by PCGS on November 14, 2002 says;

“This was one of the toughest and touchiest decisions we ever made. In the months following Sept 11, we were approached on numerous occasions to do coin-related projects. We rejected all the projects except one PCGS project from one source. After considerable thought, we decided to do the one PCGS project because we knew the people handling the deal very well, they assured us that everything would be handled in the best possible way, and they assured us a hefty donation would be made to the victims. It is our understanding that there are 4 direct retailers of these coins, that the two largest have committed to donating between 6% and 12% of the gross sales price to the fireman/victims funds, and that the largest retailer has raised close to $400,000 for the funds. It was certainly not our intention to participate in anything that is disrespectful to our country or the victims of our National tragedy. I hope this is explains what we did and why we did it. Like I said, it was a touchy decision.”

If more than $400,000 thousand dollars for the Fireman’s/Victims September 11 fund was raised through the sale of these coins? Why not keep records of how many coins were actually certified? If for nothing else, they should do it out of respect for the victims of September 11, 2001.

The collector base for these historical pieces has grown considerably since their early release back in 2001-2002 and we further believe that it leaves the individual collector of this hobby at a great disadvantage not knowing the true population of each individual coin. We sure hope that PCGS wakes up soon and releases accurate population numbers for each WTC coin authenticated. We believe that it is the right thing to do considering that their reputation and integrity is currently on the line. Why hide the population numbers for the World Trade Center Recovered coins? It is also our opinion that PCGS should be honored that they were given the chance to be the only authorized grading service to authenticate and sonically seal these historic coins no matter what anyone else thinks.   

With that in mind the population numbers that are found on this website are to the best of our research. If anyone visiting this website has any pertinent information on the subject, please let us know so that we can update our information.

The total population number we do know comes from the

Ground Zero Sets that are numbered series

The different Sets are put together like this. 

Coin Set Coins in Set Type
1 of 34
Total 34
1 Gem BU Mexico Gold Pesos
1 of 150
Total 300
2 Gem BU 2001 $25,$50 Gold
1 of 190
Total 1,140
6 Gem BU 2001 $1,$5,$10,$25, $50,$100 Silver, Gold,Platinum
1 of 269
Total 1,345
5 Gem BU 2001 $5,$10,$25,$50 Gold coins
1 of 426
Total 852
2 Gem BU 2001 $1 silver and 1 gold bar Swiss
1 of 531
Total 2,655
5 Gem BU 2001 $5,$10,$25,$50 Gold coins
1 of 900
Total 900
1 1998 $50 Gold
1 of 1000
Total 2000
2 MS69 2001 $1 Silver, 1999 $5 Gold
1 of 1100    
1 of 1440
Total 2,880
2 2001 $1 silver, 2001 $5 Gold


With this information we know that at least 13,206 coins in the number series from Ground Zero was recovered. If I am missing any number series please let me know. I do not have any information on the 1 of 1100 series yet but it will come and I will update.

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