WTC Best Buy On Ebay

I am going to start and try and pick a good deal on the WTC coins each week as I see it, maybe people following the WTC coins cannot stay on top of the coins. So don't send letters about what coin to choose as I will pick just the best deal as I see it. I will never pick my own coin or people that I know just coins with a great deal. If you want your coins to be pick here are some suggestion. Put your coins up for real auction no reserve and let the market decide the price.

Ok so here go for the first Best Buy of the WTC coins on Ebay this week I pick these 2 coins

wtc coin news  WTC Best Buy On Ebay

They are on Ebay right now in and the current price is

US 447.77

The coins are up for real auction and I would expect the 2 coins to sell for between 900 -1000 us anything less should be a great deal. The coins ends in 2 days or so.  Good Luck with the bidding.

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