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The 2001-P NY Firefighters 9-11

ny firefighters coin  The 2001 P NY Firefighters 9 11

Year 2001
PCGS Certification MS65
Population 100

The 9/11 charity coins,  were used as a vehicle to give 100% donations to those families of the NYPD firefighters who were in immediate need of outside financial assistance. The charity coin and the generous donations a collective effort of the people from the Collectors Universe Forum. The charity auction that sold off the 100 coins raised over $42,000 to families of the NYPD firefighters.

The PCGS WTC 911 Firefighters New York State Quarter was the first coin to have the American flag slap on it. This coin was however not found at ground zero and was not like the rest of the coins slap with Ground Zero Recovery Coin. These 100 coins where used as 100% donations to the NYPD firefighters.

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