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Severely heat bent wtc coin

wtc coin news  Severely heat bent wtc coin

A reader of this website send me this coin for the world to see, as you can see clearly on the back and the front the coin is bent by the heat that it has been exposed to. The line or shadow of the bending area is quite clear in the photo's. PCGS is not supposed to slab damaged coins, but as you see in the picture there are exceptions to that rule.

Very nice coin and more and more collectors of wtc coins are looking for coins that has been marked by the event of 9-11-2001

wtc coin news  Severely heat bent wtc coin

Comments on “Severely heat bent wtc coin”

prenda said:

The world trade site is over 22 acres. The entire site was not engulfed in the fire. The Comex vault was not breached and was recovered early (mid November) in the recovery effort. The chase vault that has documented heat damage and was breached was uncovered in late December. The one thing that amazes me is the amount of miss information about the WTC site.

jacob said:


Thanks for making a comment on this post, please share with us anytime you find that the stories are not historical correct as I want to have this site as right as possible without really having any concrete information except what I get from people writing me email. If you want to bring some stories to this website please send me an email at jacob@wtc911coins.com

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