WTC Coin Price Silver and Gold

$25 gold

So the other day I was looking on E-Bay for WTC coins believe me something I do a lot both to keep up with the prices on coins but also to make sure I don't miss a coin that is not up on the web site. So it struck me how much difference there are in prices on one coin. Take the WTC 2001 $1 Silver eagle, I have seen that coin on E-bay from about $199 to around $450 and any amount in between. When somebody runs a no reserve auction the price normally lands right around $200 which I consider the fair price for the coin in this market. Well it made me think that I could make a price comparison under each coin from the WTC. So if you go under the $1 silver eagle right now you should see live the different price on the coin and be able to find the right price. Its this code stuff I use that comes from E-bay so sometimes it brings other coins in also but I think it will give you a better picture of the prices of a coin.

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