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MS70 $25 Gold Coin Up on Ebay 2 Known Only

Absolutely incredible coin!

wtc coin news wtc25gold  MS70 $25 Gold Coin Up on Ebay 2 Known Only

This is without a doubt the most desirable coin of all American Eagles that were recovered from the Iron Mountain Vault beneath the World Trade Center. On November 11, 2001 two months after the disaster, this $25 American Gold Eagle was among those found within the vault. They were taken away by Brinks to a storage facility and subsequently graded by PCGS. To imagine that there were some that were able to obtain the coveted PCGS grade of MS70 after the events of that fateful day is simply amazing.

There are only 2 of these 2001 $25s in MS70 known to be in existence, and the other one are closely held by the originator and is not for sale. This will be your only chance to own one, and what an acquisition it would be. A collector's dream.

Link to Ebay auction

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