How About Gold Coin Collecting?

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Christian Okoye asked:

The collection of money today? still a hobby that many people enjoy. One of the collections pi? and most valuable pi? expensive that anyone can? never have? those of gold coins. The gold coin of pi? has never bought expensive worth around eight million dollars. There? was the 1933 gold American eagle. Here's perch? collection of gold coins deserves to be called the hobby of kings.WE all know that collecting money? something that when data from the first coins were issued for trade. It was only during the Middle Ages that people turned this into a hobby because of the work of art and historical value. Needless to say, gold coins were one of pi? old forms of money. There? pi? later? followed by silver coins. The gold coins were in circulation in the United States from 1838 to 1933. The design was the bust of the head of freedom? but this? been done only until 1907. The design then? been changed to the pleas of Indians of Saint Gaudens and head and? was used until 1933 when the Great Depression began. There? drew the call of gold coins which makes them very difficult to find today. As they? these are not pi? in circulation, the price for a product of this rare? quite high. The gold now? used for other things such as jewelry or bars that people retain as an investment. South Africa minted its first gold coin called the Krugerrand in 1967. This money has no face value but only stands as a symbol. ? made of 1 ounce of gold and pu? be bought for investment purposes. Since then other countries also minted coins of the ingot. Canada has made the maple leaf of gold in 1979 and Australia made the Pepito in 1981. These two are very pi? popular currency of South Africa because of the relative purity of 24 carat. Many people today retains gold as an investment perch? speculative demand that the cause? its market value to rise. While others take a form of insurance, the financial situation worsens. There was a time when more specific? paper money were made, pi? the high price of gold that has made gold and cash as equal value. After this sample? concluded in 1971 that allowed the government to produce more? paper currency without increasing the price of gold. Most coin collectors keep them just to remind those people that have used them once because? Gold coins can pi? long be used to buy merchandise.


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