Historic Coins Or Blood Coins

For these coins to have been melted down would have been a crying shame as these coins serve a purpose of allowing people to bring them out in a hundred years time to show our children's children them and help tell the story of what happened that sad day.Yes,These coins are making money (how else are they supposed to be handed on....Given Away...!) but this will become unimportant in a hundred years time.The memory of the coin and Lady Liberty standing on it will help tell the story.I am proud to be an owner of these coins and I applaud PCGS for sealing these coins for the future.So many peoples lives where lost,Let's not melt and waste these coins and waste part of their memory.

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PCGS Answer: On the WTC Coins. November 14, 2002

This was one of the toughest and touchiest decisions we ever made.
In the months following Sept 11, we were approached on numerous occasions to do coin-related projects. We rejected all the projects except one PCGS project from one source. After considerable thought, we decided to do the one PCGS project because we knew the people handling the deal very well, they assured us that everything would be handled in the best possible way, and they assured us a hefty donation would be made to the victims. It is our understanding that there are 4 direct retailers of these coins, that the two largest have committed to donating between 6% and 12% of the gross sales price to the fireman/victims funds, and that the largest retailer has raised close to $400,000 for the funds. It was certainly not our intention to participate in anything that is disrespectful to our country or the victims of our National tragedy. I hope this is explains what we did and why we did it. Like I said, it was a touchy decision.

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