E-Bay Buyers Be Aware !!


Wow just had a real jerk who bought 2 WTC 2001 MS69 coins from me 

Ebay ID:    51dwightdwight

Please be very careful if you want to buy or sell  WTC coins or any other coins to/from this Jerk.  If he bids on any of your auctions please be careful when sending him your coins.  Use this link to block bidders to your auctions E-bay link block bidder

So here is the story. 51dwightdwight writes me an asked if the two coins have any spots on them. I tell him just the normal dust that are found on these coins because that is all that I see. So the guy bids on the coins and wins. He pays and I send him the coins. I leave him positive feedback as soon as he has paid ( my mistake but I am an honest person) He receives the coins and tells me one of the coins has a spot on it. I offer him a 100% refund of his money including shipping if he will send it back to me. So here is where it starts to get nasty. The guy is a power seller on E-bay and feels like he can push people around. So he ask to get a similar coin from 2001 $1 MS 69 from my store that I am selling for $250, its a coin I recently bought from a dealer for $200. Now he starts demanding that I give him the $250 coin as a replacement for the $180 coin he won at the auction just because its a similar year 2001 MS69 coin that I have in my shop and that a refund is not good enough. As a seller on E-Bay he uses his right to leave negative feedback as a tool to push me to give him a coin he did not win at the auction. I just told him that he could do what he wanted to do and that a refund was all I could do for him. But what would you have done in the same situation ? Please let me know as I am sure other people has been scammed like this ? I also think that I am in my full right to tell the guy that a coin in my auction as I bought for a lower amount is different that a coin in my shop that I bought for a higher amount even though its the same coin same year same grade just different buying price. What do you guys think ?

Anyway just wanted to vent and make sure that nobody else get into the same situation with this guy as I just did.

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carver22 said:

I found this post by searching for info on this buyer who recently bid on my eBay auction. I recently had a similar experience with his tactics, it began with his question about the weight of the item; he won the auction but added two stipulations to the PayPal payment page — one was an incorrect weight in troy ounces, the second was “not plated.” The listing was for a sterling silver cigarette case, the listing showed the weight as 3.57 ounces and 101.1 grams. Most listings for this type of item show the weight in grams and standard ounces, not in troy ounces. His Paypal payment to me had the message “3.57 troy ounces” and “not plated.” After he sent payment I tried 3 times to have him acknowledge that the case did not weigh 3.57 troy ounces — and that the listing did not use the words “troy ounces.” His e-mail to me was that he never had seen anyone use avoirdupois measurement for silver or gold and that he could not even find a conversion table that uses anything but troy ounces (guess he didn’t try google). As he seemed dissatisfied I e-mailed him and advised that I would refund his payment — he did not respond so I indeed refunded the full amount the same day. That began an incessant barrage of e-mails from him asking me why the auction was cancelled. I advised that his PayPal payment included a stipulation about the weight of the case and that if I accepted his payment I would be agreeing that the weight was 3.5 troy ounces (which it was not) and would leave him reason to return the item. He then began a campaign of telling falsehoods to both myself and eBay, that I had cancelled the auction in order to sell this to someone else at a higher price. He even offerred me more money to sell this to him and I did not accept and told him so. I attempted to cancel this auction thru eBay but he told the same lie again, namely that I was trying to sell the case to someone else for more money. He threatened bad feedback and asked “is it worth more dollars for negative f/b?” — even though I had no intention of trying to get more money for this item. Eventually he did leave bad feedback, likely all “1’s” in my sellers DSR’s, again with his same lie “the seller did not ship item because he didn’t get price he wanted.”

I had been selling on eBay for almost 8 years without a problem like this. It seems now that the stipulations on the PayPal payment were his attempt to set up the seller in order to obtain a discount on the item based on his “misunderstanding” of the listing description. There were 4 other bidders for my auction and they apparently understood the weight of the item, being able to divide 101.1 grams by 3.57.

It is clear that this person mistakenly assumes that everyone in the world is exactly like he is, and accuses them of having the traits that he has. Thank goodness we are in America and still have the freedom to choose how we live and conduct ourselves; the eBay format does not permit sellers to leave negative feedback — an eBay customer service rep told me that sellers were required to ship items to buyers even if the buyer has threatened to leave bad feedback. The cigarette case was packed and ready to be shipped until this buyer turned the auction into his own campaign to show that he was “in charge.”

He should have been happy that I attempted to cancel this auction since the price of silver dropped from $40 to $30 about a week after he bid on this item. Instead, he tried to pay me a second time thru PayPal and I returned his payment without comment.

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