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Coin Values

Coin value is always what somebody wants to pay for a coin there can be no other definition to this. To determine the coin value for these WTC coins there are a few things that needs to be remembered. Coin value is a combination of coin population, price of the metal, coin grade and finally the history of the coin. Just look at E-bay that will give you a  good idea of coin value to the WTC coins. So let have a look at this coin the WTC 1999 $50 Gold Eagle what would be the value of this coin. Well by having a look around on this page the population of this coin is thought to be around 144 coins total in the MS69 grade. The coin can be found on E-bay for around $1,300 to $1,800 which is much more than a regular MS69 1 oz eagle grade by PCGS. Coin value here is a historical value and a population value as are the case with most WTC coins.

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