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As one of the world 's leading refiners of precious metals and fabricators, Pampa? considered especially good for the spirit Opening on the road, as proven in 1977 by introducing wide variety? decorative designs from the back of its ingots, also known as' small bars'. the * An industry first, the purpose? was not only to extend the boundaries of the concepts bar ingot, but also a new emphasis placed on the intrinsic beauty - and thus the value - of precious metals globally. Consequently, the vast collection of decorative motifs has opened new doors for bullion as a memorable gift, suitable for all occasions, in each market. Today, Pampa controls pi? the Met? world market for bars of gold rod that weigh less than 50 grams. The introduction of bar-embellished Fortuna of silver, platinum and palladium also met with resounding international success. The packaging and signed certificate guarantees the quality, weight and content analysis of each precious metal bar that leaves the refinery. The reasons range from mythological and astrological themes with religious icons and monuments to the botanical representations. The pi? famous of these drawings? course? delicious? Ms Fortuna?, who? quickly turned into the calling card of Pampa. The hooks are available for wear of pending with the owner, the multi-colored holograms, as is safety feature that decorative. Fortuna? The first decorative motif to decorate the ever ingot Precious Metals, a banner that announced Pampa 'product quality? and services universally s supreme for nearly a quarter century. Indeed, only the Roman goddess of luck pu? cos? admirably carry the ideals and prestige of the world 'main independent refiner of precious metals to s. For centuries, gold buying? been recognized as one of the best senses keep one 'of wealth if purchasing power. The gold? a single investment, one that has served well the humanitarian? for thousands of years. From the time of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to pi? modern times, man? been fascinated with the beauty and magic of gold and with the power to change men 's lives Golden rod? real, honest money

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