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wtc uruguay coins  1961 SILVER URUGUAY 1O PESOS

I am sure that the story behind the 1961 SILVER  URUGUAY  1O PESOS with over 5000 coins in the WTC vault is going to be one of the strangest story told, and I wish I could be the one to tell that story but I just don't have all the detail yet on it. So picture this, why would anybody put 5000 pcs of a 10 pesos from Uruguay into a vault under the world trade center ? Is there any good explanation for that ? It just does not make any sense. On its own without being under the world trade center in a vault would this be considered a valuable coin? Well I check that out and right now Non WTC this coin sells for $13.50 Buy It Now. So I guess not a valuable coin if it does not come from the WTC Vault. So what where 5000 of these coins doing there ? Did one individual have all those coins sitting there for a reason was it at the time a cheap way to buy Silver to hedge that the silver price would go up? Maybe but I don't know, or is there something else that is at play here. No matter what it is the circumstances about this coin and how it ended up under the world trade center will make for a great story some day and for right now I think this coin is very interesting and I would love to hear the full story

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