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1 oz gold bar 1 of 426

1 oz gold bar

wtc coins 1 of 426 wtc 1 oz gold  1 oz gold bar 1 of 426

Year 2001
Material Gold 1 oz
PCGS certification WTC recovery 1 of 426
Population 426

1 oz gold bar 1 of 426 found

Now this is interesting we now know that the individual that had 426 items at his box at the world trade center at least 3 of the pieces where 1 oz Suisse gold bars. The is a picture of $1 silver dollar also part of the series 1 of 426. The gold bar found under the world trade center is now world famous for having survived the cash of the world trade center buildings. Finding this gold bar under all that cement and concrete is still amazing to me.

Gold bar with serial # 174741

Each gold bar has a serial number from Credit Suisse and this is how these gold bars from the world trade center can be tracked. As no records has been made public by PCGS.

Serial number on this one is 174741 what a gold bar I would love to have one of these again

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