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WTC911Coins Gets New Design

Well sometimes its time for change at least in a web design maybe not in the general election ( just my opinion) but here it is the new design of wtc911coins.

I got this done as I have been working on a few other web projects and I came across this web theme as they call them and I thought it would be perfect for WTC911coins.

I hope you all like it and it should not change anything inside the site other than maybe the look of things. Please let me know what you guys think.


United States Rare Coin Price

How many of the coins found in the Vault of the World Trade Center could get the label of a United States Rare Coin ? What would their prices be ? Well we know that the WTC 2001 $50 Gold Coin MS69 is seen selling on E-bay for as much as $12,000 and since the numbers found of this coin is very small I would say this coin will be a rare coin. Also the coins graded by PCGS from the World Trade Center as MS70 must be considered a united states rare coin. The 1994 $50 Gold MS69 also comes to mind for rare US coins from the the World Trade Center. Will the history of these coins make them united states rare coins and make their prices go up well we have already seen that, will they go up more with time I think we can all agree the answer is yes. Right now you can find the 2001 WTC $50 Gold coin on E-bay Click here for E-bay Listings.


Coin Collections Value

Coin collections value is something we are all very concert about at this time of crises but history has shown that coin collections value will go up with time. For some coins value comes with time, like the Morgan Silver coins minted in Carlson City NV, with other coin collections like the World Trade Center coins a historic event happens and the coins gets instant historic value. Now if we all want to have a part of history and that was why we bought the WTC coins to being with very a we so interested in the WTC coins value today ? Well we are so here are two ways to keep up with the rising value of the coins. First you can use our Coin Forum where the value of these coins are talked about WTC Coins Forum Click Here. The other option is to keep up with the coins that are selling on E-bay here is a link for a special E-bay site where we keep up with the WTC coins. WTC Coins E-bay Auction Click Here.


WTC Screen Saver


Yes I know, but I was making it for myself and then I thought maybe I should put it online, I just love the pictures of the coins so here they are in a screen saver, the pictures changes every 15 sec. to a new coin. Screen Saver Download click here

Hope you all like it I did my best with the screen saver tool


Selling WTC Coins On EBay ?


If you are selling WTC coins on E-Bay let our growing community know about it right away. We have now made a special section in our WTC Forum where you can post a picture of the WTC coin you are selling and a link direct to you auction. This will give the people at this web site a first look at all the great coins up on E-bay and maybe your buyer is one of the 100 of people visiting this site every day. So let us know about your WTC coins and if you want to just show us your coins we have a section for that as well. We always love to see WTC coins and collections of WTC coins.