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UK Collectors


3:41 am
July 9, 2008


New Member

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First of all a big thank you for putting this site together, at last somewhere

for me to find out more information.I am a UK collector,well early days as i have four coins at the moment. One problem i have is getting coins shipped over here so am having to get them sent to my cousins in Virginiaa and then shipped on.

My coins are part of a collection of what i hope are tastefull collectable items from that sad tragic day.I have a certain difficulty explaining why i collect but when likened to other tragic events that attract collectors i get them to see why.

Thanks again for a graet site, any other UK members out there?


11:13 am
September 12, 2008

Gold Sovereign


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Hi Tony,

Nice to meet you. I`m a UK collector, and like yourself am chuffed to bits that this site/forum has been put together. So we can chat with like minded collectors. I started about 12 months or so ago. I`m finding it hard to find examples, that don`t break the bank. I`ve managed to get an eagle & Maple, thus far, but until I found this website, I had no idea there were so many different types of coins out there. If your still active, I look forward to chatting to you again.


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