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WTC Gold Set 2001

Year 2001
Material Gold and Silver
PCGS Certification MS69
Coins in set $1 silver,$5,$10,$25 Gold

Just a beautiful set and I wish I owned it, but I don't. The key to this set is the WTC $25 Gold coin that only has a population of 125 coins. So if you want this set you have to get the $25 gold coin from somewhere. Also you next question would be was there a WTC $50 gold coin found at the vault. The answer to that question is yes, but that coin is even more scares but its available for the right price. This set was in may 2008 up for auction on E-bay.


1999 Gold Eagle Set


Year 1999
Material Gold
PCGS Certification MS69
Population 4 sets
Coins in Set $5,$10,$10-W,$25,$50

This is a nice set only 4 possible sets in the world, as the 1999 $10 eagle was only found in 4 pieces. So if you want this set you better find some green and know some people that has any of the 4 coins needed to complete this set. Probably the best and hardest set to complete in the WTC series.


What Set To Collect ?

It has taken collectors years to get a full set of the World Trade Center Ground Zero coins in the picture about is the best set I have ever seen. The 1999 gold set including the $10 W all of them in MS69 wow that is beautiful.

So anyway before I got side tracked by the great collection above this post should be about how hard it is to collect a Gold Set.

Here some numbers.

2001 Gold Set is possible right now to get all pieces to it out of WTC recovered coins, the most difficult coin to find is the $50 Gold Eagle in MS69

2000 Gold Set I do not have any information about this set at this time

1999 Gold Set is going to be really hard to put together as there where only found 4 pieces of the 1999 $10 gold Eagle. The $10-W has a population of only 10 coins found at the world trade center 7 in MS69 and 3 in MS68. The set above in the picture is for sale right now for $135,000.

1998 Gold Set is also very hard to assemble as there where only found 150 pieces of the $50 gold coin in MS69. The $25 Gold coin is all certified as Gem Unc. and only 10 coins where found. One coin was certified MS67 of the $25 coins found at WTC. Of the $10 gold coin 1998 only 7 coins where found and they where all graded MS68. The $5 gold coin from 1998 has a population number of a few hundred. So with these numbers its going to be very hard to put together a complete set of the 1998 gold coins. A complete set is for sale at $65,000 right now.

When more information becomes available I will update this posting.


1998 Gold Set


MS 70 Gold Set Wow Look At This!

gold set MS70

Year 1997,1998,1999,2001
Material Gold
PCGS Certification MS 70
Population Unknown

First set I have seen like this all coins are graded by PCGS as MS70 I am sure that there are very few coins that made it out of the vault under the world trade center that has been graded MS70. Very nice set.