PCGS Answers Questions About WTC Coins

So I talked this week to PCGS and to Ken from Blue Moon coins. I just had a few questions for Ken about the 1989 $1 silver wtc coins but PCGS I had  a lot of questions for them. I got on the phone with a very very nice rep. his name was peter I think his extension is #293 when you call in. He was a go getter and he of course did not know the answers to all my questions, but he did research on it and call me back. I love PCGS they are a very professional company to deal with. So here are the answers peter gave me on my questions.

1. Does PCGS have population numbers on some WTC coins?

Answer: Yes, coins with a bar code on the front is in their system and population numbers on those coins are available. In the start the coins where grade in this way, but soon PCGS reallized that some years did not have very many coins in them and to not make the coins to unique or value driven because of their low population numbers PCGS decided to not keep track of the rest of the WTC coins.

Now here are 2 coins that has a serial number on the front.

1989 wtc silver eaglewtc coin news PCGS Answers Questions About WTC Coins

Now the 1989 silver dollar has serial number 69826.69 (.69 being the grade) so serial number 69826 and when looking the coin up at PCGS it comes back with 11 coins in MS69 and variety WTC. The other coin has serial number 9958.70 (.70 being the grade) again this coin comes up with 3 coins in the MS70 grade. So if anybody is sitting with coins that has a bar code in the front, send me pictures and I will post the population numbers.

2. Now does this mean that their could be other 1989 MS69 coins out there with out a bar code on the front ?

Answer: well yes but I don’t know as PCGS has no record of coin without a bar code in the  front.

3. Can I have a list or report on all the coins that PCGS has on record with a bar code on front

Answer: After talking to the person in charge of that coins series, we do not have a record like this but any code with a bar code on front will work in the population look up tool on the PCGS website.

So I show Peter the page wtc911coins.com and he was quite impressed and I think we can count on him for more information if he has any. If anybody has more burning questions I will be happy to talk to him about it.

No to the conclusion of what he said I take it that some coins are registered with the bar code and we can find numbers on them, but more coins not registered could surface and they just don’t know one way or the other. I am however glad to know a little bit more about the WTC coins than I did before I talked to Peter from PCGS.
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