As of May 20, 2008, there are no official population reports or any other kind of information regarding any of the World Trade Center Recovered coins certified by the only third party grader hired to authenticate them, the Professional Coin Grading Service known to the numismatic community as PCGS. Absolutely no credibility is given to any WTC Recovered coin holdered in anything other than a PCGS holder due to the fact that those other grading services were not involved in the original chain of custody for these historical artifacts. The pop numbers provided on this website are estimation based on years of hard work and private research and will be updated as any new information is received by any reputable third party. The information contained herein is as accurate and reliable as we can get it considering that no there is no accountability or accurate records kept of these coins according to PCGS officials.

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The soul purpose of this website is to bring awareness to the World Trade Center Recovered coins and as much information as possible for the individual collector without any guarantee as to the accuracy of its contents. We therefore highly recommend that you do your own research and come to your own conclusions when getting involved in this area of numismatics. How you use the information contained herein is entirely up to you!

Even though the price of some of the WTC Recovered coins have more than quadrupled and in some cases reached prices well out of some collectors reach. We do not guarantee or give any advice as to what coin or coins to purchase for investment purposes. WTC911COINS.COM is not an investment firm or qualified to give any opinion on any given coin. Our only statement to you the collector and or investor is to seek the advice of a professional financial advisor.

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