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General Question For WTC Coins !


12:42 pm
May 24, 2008



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So with these coins from the world trade center there are alot of

unknown factors. If you have a general question maybe somebody

can answer it, maybe not. If you don't ask however you will never


Any question is a good question on this forum.

6:38 am
June 1, 2008


New Member

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Excellent job getting this site running. I would love to hear more about the population of these coins. There are more $50 AGE GemUnc out there.

I have seen a 1994 and 1986 on ebay.

8:44 am
June 1, 2008



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First thanks for the kind words, you are right there are many more coins that needs to get up on the site and I am working on it. Sometimes I will let another storry sit on the front page and just ad post to the subcategories. There is a thing in the program that lets me change dates on the post so I can change the order of the post. So even if you don't see something new on the front page the category pages are being updated everyday until I am finished.

Thanks again and please use this website as a refference to the WTC coins.



4:13 am
September 25, 2008

Gold Sovereign


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Heres a question for you guys. Why was there coins such as the Jamacian 1/2 penny in the vaults? Are these a rare coin in general? Also the Uruguauy 10 Pesos, 1/2 an ounce of silver, surely those doesn`t merit, being keep in a vault. It such a small amount of silver merits this why are there no Morgan or Maria Theresa Dollars?…. Anyone got any views?

2:18 pm
October 2, 2008



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Great question I put a storry together the other day about the subject and put it up on the front page I am sure you have read it by now. I am not sure about the numbers on the jamacian 1/2 penny but I think it was a huge number also. like the 5000 coins of the 10 pesos and its a good

question what where they doing there. I hear that in the start no dealer

would buy these coins as the population numbers where huge and

it was a coin that did not fit in like the $1 silver eagle. So its a good question

and I hope we both will be around when the answers comes out

2:34 am
December 21, 2008



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ok, have been looking at WTC 2001 ms69 $50 eagles recently, anyone have an idea on price,think $5750 is a bit heavy,any thoughts?

7:58 am
December 23, 2008



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Yes that is a great coin its also on my wish list, I have seen the coin on ebay a few times but never under 5k. It has looked like the WTC coins has come back in price a bit since the start so maybe if you send an offer of $4,500 you might get you one ? 

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