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General Concern on WTC Recovery Coins


8:00 am
June 7, 2008


New Member

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I think having the 1 of ??? is a very misleading thing. If you have or

looked at buying or selling a 1 of 150 against a 1 of 1000 you will pay

more simply because it is being mis-stated as the 1 of 150 is more rare when in reality is isn't. PCGS should have came up with some thing

different then 1 of ??? belonging to one person. I have one of the

 first ones that don't have the 1 of ??? and from what I am seeing

on eBay and the web that it is selling for less then the ones that have

the 1 of ???. Thank you for hearing me out. Anyone got a comment

 on this.

8:30 am
June 7, 2008



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In general I agree with your post that sellers on E-bay try and mislead buyers that there are only 150 of them because it says 1 of 150 and so on but I would say this if you have the full set of 1 of 150 that would not be cazzy as there are only 150 sets and as you see on ebay now most sets are being split up.

The other problem is PCGS not giving out population numbers on the coins. But I am sure they will come sometime in the future as I am convinced they have them.

What do everybody else think about the series 1 of 150 and so on ?

11:24 am
September 12, 2008

Gold Sovereign


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I`m sure I read somewhere that this whole 1 of ??? doesn`t relate to the amount of coins of that example. But it in fact means 1 of ??? from the batch that went for grading....maybe some could correct me?

11:04 pm
September 12, 2008



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GS you are right on that, the coins was grade in batches and the "money men" where putting together series of coins and giving them numbers like the 1 of 150 series. It does not mean that there where only 150 of that coin but that there where 150 series grade of example 2 coins $1 and $5

So its not a number of how many coins there where of that type.

Is it fair that a coins 1 of 150 is more expensive than 1 of 1000 ? I am not sure but maybe is my best answer. Really it depense on two things.

1. Are you collecting coins with a high grade like the MS69 then the 1 of ?? does not make any sense except maybe the 1 of 1000 as it has MS69 coins in it.


2. Are you collecting different coins from the WTC and then maybe yes

it makes sense to collect different series of coins.

Does all this mean I would not like to own some of the series no I would love to just can't affort it .

GS hope it answered your question.

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