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E-Bay Sellers read this


3:17 pm
October 3, 2008



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I want to give the people at this forum a chance to see your WTC coins first

so if you have WTC coins up on Ebay please post a shirt description of the

coins here with a link to your auction.

All you have to do is sign up as a member and then you can post your

Ebay auctions here.

Image in post: Us the URL from the image you post on Ebay as the

url you use on this site. Right mouse click on the image gives you

the properties( url ) of the picture that is what you put in here

when you put up a picture.

URL in Post: Highligt the text you want to link to your ebay store

and then click the link on top, copy your link from the ebay page

where your coin is and set that in here. That will give you a link to y

your ebay auction.

I as the editor of this site reserve the right to post my auctions with link also

just to get things started.

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