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WTC Coins Buyers Look Out.
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1:28 pm
January 18, 2009



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This comment came in from Maelstrom and it has a lot of valid points about the PCGS error coins. Please read and be on the look out. Just as a side note the 1 of 1000 wtc coin series consist of  a 1999 $5 gold eagle MS69 and a 2001 $1 silver Eagle MS69.

By Mr. Maelstrom

Your point about someone perhaps resubmitting a “1 of 1000″ to PCGS for MS grading is a valid one. It could be that the coin failed to go MS68 or 69 and was reholdered by PCGS.

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However, the lack of a serial number (as seen on the back of the genuine slabs from Coin Universe/PCGS)is cause for concern. One would think that PCGS would reference the original serial number on the reholdered coin, or at least provide a number or method by which you could authenticate the coin as being a genuine WTC recovery piece. Lacking that, I cannot fully embrace the concept that these are simply “error slabs” by PCGS.

It is just as likely that these are ordinary BU 2001 $1 Silver Eagles($12-$15 currently) housed in fake (Chinese) slabs. I, personally, would NOT acquire any of the “1 of 1000″ issues with the printing to the RIGHT of the word “Recovery” without a physical inspection of the holder first. To my knowledge, PCGS placed the “1 of XXX or XXXX” designations at the lower LEFT of the grading insert on ALL of the genuine limited set coins.

These seem to be showing up on ebay lately. As an example, there is one of these “errors” simply listed as a “1 of 1000″ for sale on ebay as I write this . The slab pictured is blurry and only shows the front. When I asked the seller to provide clearer pictures of the front and back of the slab, along with any serial number, his reply was that “The picture is the actual coin. I don’t see a serial number, just a designation of 1 of 1000. The back of the holder has the PCGS logo.” In other words, the blurry picture is what it is. I’m not saying that he is selling a fake coin, but I am saying that he/she won’t help me make that determination. Hopefully, the seller doesn’t even know the difference. But, BUYER BEWARE!!!

Without some official confirmation from PCGS that these “error” inserts are genuine, and/or an opportunity to physically examine the holder (look for the four ejector pin circles faintly visible at each corner of the bottom section of the holder…fakes lack them…for now), I, personally, will avoid these until they can be proven genuine.
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