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List your collections here….


2:30 pm
September 24, 2008

Gold Sovereign


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Hi Guys, I thought it would be cool if everyone one on the forum, listed what WTC recovery coins they have in their collections.

I`ll get the ball rolling. Heres my small collection.

1989 Silver Maple Dollar

1991 Silver Eagle Dollar

2001 Silver Eagle Dollar

4:05 pm
September 30, 2008



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Hi Guys, my 'collection' is actually only 2

a 1991 $50 Gold Eagle (MS69) and

a 1978 $50 Gold Krugerrand (GU)

Forgive me if I'm asking this in the wrong forum, but do any of you have any idea of the value of these coins?  Should I insure them?



5:46 pm
September 30, 2008



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First welcome susie to the forum, you have some great wtc coins there

I hope they mean a lot to you, I like that you are staying with the

1 oz gold coins. I think you have some great coins and yes if you have

them at home put them under your home owners insurance. If you

have them in bank box no problem.

Right now I would say your coins are about $1400 for the 1991 and

maybe 1300 for the krugerrand, follow it on ebay if you want more

exact prices. The 1991 1 oz I belive is a 150 population coin. So

in some years that will be great.

10:34 pm
September 30, 2008



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Thanks, Jacob, for the welcome and for the information!  These coins mean a great deal to me, not only for their historical significance, but also because I inherited them from my Dad, who passed away just less than 3 years ago. My Dad was an avid collector, and though I also inherited a great number of other coins from him, I knew these were his favorites, so they hold a major sentimental value to me!  My daughters know how special these coins are to me, so hopefully they will stay in my family for many generations to come! Thank you, again, for the info and your graciousness!

2:20 pm
October 2, 2008



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I am glad that you feel like that about the coins and I am sure your

daughter will protect them as well. Great to have you here

2:25 pm
October 2, 2008

Gold Sovereign


posts 18


1 ounce gold coins…wow now thats up there with the big boys. Don`t think my wallet would stretch to a ground zero $50. I have a 2005 gold $5 dollar coin LOL. Not a ground zero.

3:47 am
October 12, 2008



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Hi guys, have had to reregister, was uktony but lost password,sorry. Anyway heres my collection held here safely in the UK.

1-1 0f 269- 2001 $10 gold eagle

2-1998 ms69 10z eagles

1-1998 gem uncirculated $5 eagle

1-credit suisse 1 of 426 1oz recovery gold bar

i also have a large collection of things from the world trade center including-

topping out money clip.

signed minoru yamasaki (architect of the world trade center) buffet menu, windows on the world.

signed menu -marvin hagler.

signed minoru yamasali photo and hand written note

wine menu-windows on the world

wtc admission ticket dated 9/10/2001 (none were issued 9/11 as viewing deck not opened yet) last known?

a pair of model cows (the twin cowers).

3-Spyderco wtc rescue knifes.      cheers goldfinger….

7:47 pm
October 13, 2008



posts 29


Very nice collection I also have the 1 0f 426 Gold bar and I am missing the silver $1 have seen them on E-bay I will keep looking for a good deal on one.

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