WTC Coin Look At The back

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The WTC coins comes in two different slaps the PCGS Slap and the Collectors universe slap. If you look at the back of your coins you will see what your coin is. First of all this is only coins that are graded Gem Uncirculated that can have a collectors universe back.

So the story goes like this, first all coins where grade by Collectors Universe and all coins where graded as Gem Uncirculated as Collectors Universe the parent company to PCGS could not grade the coins in the MS grading scale. The original money men behind the coins finds out that the coins are worth more if they are properly graded and after that all coins are grade by PCGS.

Well I am not sure what the story is but its a fact that coins with Collectors Universe on the back get a bit of a premium at E-Bay. There is one thing that the PCGS coins has going for them and that is that hologram you see in the picture its blue and green. This hologram has the coins serial number on it, and this means the coins are counted by PCGS and if you want to put your MS69 coin in a registry set you can.

I hope this information has been to the benefit of some collectors that did not know this.

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