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Gold And Silver Coin

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Commodity Online CALIFORNIA: Popular gold and silver coins such as the one-ounce gold and silver American Eagles produced by United states Mint is not available for sale in the market and those who sell do it at a premium of 50 percent or more on spot price, according to Michael Maroney, Vice President, Monex Deposit Company.

"One-ounce and smaller gold and silver coins . . . ten-ounce and hundred-ounce silver bars . . . ten-ounce ingots and 32.15 ounce "kilobars" of gold have virtually disappeared from the marketplace," explains Maroney. "They're in private hands now, and people are holding onto them, unwilling to sell them back into the market."

"We've seen a tremendous increase in demand for these tangible assets from private, individual investors who are, quite frankly, shocked and appalled at the steep decline in the value of many of their paper assets over the past few months. These people are angry, they're scared and it appears that many have come to the conclusion that one of the very few reasonable investment alternatives at the present time can be found in the physical precious metals markets," says Maroney.

But many people are discovering that one-ounce and smaller gold and silver coins are becoming harder and harder to find every day, according to Maroney. When these coins can be found, says Maroney, sellers are demanding (and receiving) premiums of up to 50% or more over the per-ounce spot price. "Investors are getting a classic lesson in the laws of supply and demand," says Maroney. "When demand increases for a declining supply of anything, the price tends to increase."

"It's the exact opposite of what's been happening in the 'paper investment' world," notes Maroney. "In stocks, in real estate and other 'paper-based' markets, demand is actually decreasing for an increasing supply of 'paper'. . . and accordingly, we're seeing far lower and even plunging prices in these markets," says Maroney.

"As a result," says Maroney, "I see this as a 'Red Alert' buy signal for investors who may be interested in buying precious metals. The time to buy gold and silver is when prices are relatively low, and when there are supplies available. Prices right now are well below the historic highs set earlier in the year.

And although Monex still has plenty of gold and silver bullion and coin products available, the supply squeeze is starting to affect us as well. I believe physical supplies of metal will continue to tighten, perhaps dramatically so, and I believe prices are going to skyrocket in the not too distant future. There may never be a better time to buy gold and silver than right now," reasons Maroney.

According to Maroney, "Gold and silver have traditionally been held as hedges against both economic and political uncertainty for centuries. And it's no secret that there's a lot of uncertainty throughout the world right now. The U.S. government has bailed out one troubled financial institution after another this year, costing taxpayers at least $700 billion, and counting. Our national debt is now well over $10 trillion. Banks have gone bust. The stock markets are off more than 20% (so far) this month alone! Housing prices have been plummeting with foreclosure rates at unprecedented levels. It's a mess out there right now."

"In troubled times, investors quite naturally gravitate towards 'safe haven' investments that tend to offer more stability and intrinsic value than 'paper investments,'" says Maroney. "Gold and silver fill that bill for many investors. Owning something that is real and tangible . . . something that people have held onto during the 'bad times' for centuries . . . something that the politicians and Wall Street types can't easily manipulate - well, it's no surprise that gold and silver are of great interest to a wide range of people today."

"And at today's relatively low price levels - prices today are 30% to 40% below March 2008 market highs - this could be an ideal time to get started in precious metals or add to an existing position," says Maroney. "As I look around the world's markets right now, I can't see much outside of precious metals that I'd want to own right now. The future for 'paper investments' looks pretty bleak to me. Gold and silver, though, that's a different story. It's pretty obvious that lots of people want precious metals right now."

Says Monex Deposit Company VP Mike Maroney, "If you're worried or concerned about what you seeing happening in this country and around the world right now, and how that could affect your wealth in the years ahead, I think you owe it to yourself to find out how precious metals could or should become a part of your portfolio of investments. We talk to thousands of people a day about that very subject. And an amazing number of them are buying right now . . . more and more people, every single day."

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Invest in Gold

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CoinsBullions asked:

Gold is a metropolitan found the precious metal around the world. Gold is seen by many as a repository of value and safe haven for wealth in economic crisis. One of gold 'properties s important is psychological, because it is so closely associated with money. This gives him an advantage over other unlimited deposits defined wealth. The currencies of U.S. ingot dell'aquila provide investors with a convenient and profitable way to add a small amount of platinum, gold, silver or physical folders on their investment. Since their launch in 1986, gold, platinum and gold coin of American Silver Eagles have become the main currency of investment ingot. The U.S. currency's golden rod of Buffalo are the first .9999 gold coins of 24 carats of striking the U.S. mint and never offered for sale through a network of authorized buyers. The $ 50 gold coins will be available to members of the public seeking a simple and defined in its means and invest in 24-carat gold in the form of coins of legal tender currency in which to meet and purity is guaranteed by the U.S. Government . Gold has attracted investors throughout the centuries, proteggenti their wealth and providing a 'haven' safe in troubled or uncertain times. This appeal is coercive to modern investors. Although there are a number of other reasons for supporting the renewal of widespread investor interest in gold. The U.S. gold coins have been wanted by collectors for the possibility of enormous value especially if the currency is rare in good condition and is in demand on the rise. Sellers of the coin of the United States have set prices and the dollar amounts of value to many types of funds in the United States. The value is determined by four main factors. The scarcity or rarity is the main factor for the discovery of the value. More rare in the legal tender currency, the higher its value. Author bio-- the inventory of coins and ingots include many types of coins of gold ingot as American Eagles, the rod of coins and gold bars. In the future, coins and ingots will expand understanding of gift items and jewelry.

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Buying Gold Bullion Coins as a Hedge Against the Economy

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Theodore Sisul asked:

For serious investors who keep the rod to buy gold coins often make the higher returns that bars of gold. The main reason is that the currencies of golden rod carrying the intrinsic value beyond their weight in carats and meet with gold. The coins of golden rod are also estimated for their age, mintag, state, design and country of origin. The coins of the current golden rod on the market today include: * The Austrian mint PhilharmonicAmerican BuffaloThe United States of Buffalo Eagle * * * Canada and the U.S. American maple leaf first introduced the American currency's golden rod Buffalo at the rear of the investment market in 2006. These coins collected, based on the type of nickel in the original 1913 Buffalo I have marked the beginning of .9999 coins for the golden rod as published by our nation 's government The front facade of the coin describes a Native American from its profile, while the rear features an American Buffalo indicated grazing. The coins of golden rod weigh un'oncia troy and mintag within the year is as follows: * 2006 - 300,000 + * 2007 - 200,000 * 2008 - the limit based on mint demandAmerican of EagleThe United States first introduced American coins of golden rod dell'aquila in 1986. These magnificent gold coins to symbolize freedom and liberty that we as a country divided for more than two centuries. Each gold coin of American dell'aquila performs patriotic symbols consecrated the keeping of the lady Liberty its torch of freedom and olive branches that denote peace. While the back of the coins has un'aquila bald male carrying olive branches to his companion and his female nest of children. All the currencies of the American golden rod dell'aquila are supported by the U.S. mint and are in the following formats and values: 1. An in-ounce $ 50.00 USD2. Half-ounce at $ 25.00 USD3. Quarter-ounce at $ 10.00 USD4. The tenth-ounce in the $ 5.00 USDUnlike American Buffalo, American coins of the rod is dell'aquila gold (or allowances .9167) 22KT gold with an alloy of silver and copper to help improve their strength in ' range of the typical. Each coin is guaranteed by the U.S. mint to contain this measure in gold. Canadian coins of the rod of gold leaf maple LeafThe dell'Acero Canadian world-recognized and valued for their purity of design and decoration. Impressive from the Canadian mint real maple leaf has been in production for years after that any other currency of the rod of gold so far. The Royal Canadian mint is highly - regarded for its tall, and the rod of gold leaf maple certainly there is No Exception to the quality support. The Mint 's requirements of planchets impeccable, from which the coins are struck, has also generated high interest and the demand among investors and collectors. The front facade of the coin describes Britain 'beloved Queen Elizabeth II of s, while the national symbol characterizes the Canadian maple leaf from which the money derived its name. The Canadian currency of the rod of gold leaf maple is produced in four sizes and denominations including: 1. An in-ounce $ 50 Canadian2. Half-ounce to $ 20 Canadian3. Quarter-ounce at $ 10 Canadian and4. The tenth-ounce coin of the rod in gold $ 5 CanadianVienna PhilharmonicsThe Vienna Philharmonics is internationally-recognized for its magnificence and meet solid gold. Produced by the Austrian mint in Vienna, Austria, Philharmonic gold coin minted by one of the oldest and most prestigious suppliers minting in place. In 1989, the Philharmonic gold coin first was hit and was named Australian shillings. That is, until 2002, when the currencies are been changed over the euro, making it one of the few gold coins minted for and distributed in alternate currencies. On the front side of the coin, a denotes the "Great body," as the corridor Philharmonic performance in Vienna. While the party performs a plethora of tools and ochrestra 's name inscribed in the currency of the rod gold German.The Vienna Philharmonics is hit in four sizes and incremental values including: 1. A 100-ounce Euros2. Half-ounce in 50 Euros3. Fourth in 25-ounce euro and4. The tenth-ounce in 10 EurosIn that disturbs periods with weak economies, golden rod purchase is a best method for keeping your wealth and purchasing power. The golden rod can be easily bought and sold around the world, so it is highly lle liquidity. This can give an investor the flexibility to sell the golden rod for various currencies in times of need. As with all the commercial product, the demand is the driving factor for prices increase. During the last four years, the rod of gold has increased by over 300%! Images if you have bought only a few ounces back in 2004. However, gold has continued to increase due to weakening global economy. Then, the upward trend may persist only in the future. It is true that today we live in times of uncertainty. So investors are buying the essays rod of gold to protect themselves against unforeseen disasters. Although no investment is safe without diversity, add the golden rod to your folder can help to stave off bankruptcy.

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