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How Investors Add Value to Their Portfolio With American Eagle Coins

gold eagle invest
Muna wa Wanjiru asked:

Do judge a bag full of coins and never be considered as the bag was heavy. Property other normal coins are special coins that investors can make arrangements to buy. These special coins will no small sack of money to believe as weigh a ton. Instead these coins can add a little value to a folder? s? the investor. These coins are the American eagle that American dell'aquila Coins.These coins are really very special. Instead of minted and sold for commercial use dell'aquila American coins are issued only to authorized dealers for sales purposes. You can find these coins dell'aquila U.S. bank, brokerage companies, wholesalers, precious metal firms and other places that have been approved by American coins dell'aquila U.S. Mint.These can be found in metal mining, the 'silver and platinum. This means that the quality on them is very high. As these currencies U.S. dell'aquila not sold directly to the public but in sets of proof, they must be bought at current prices for gold and other metals. To make the weight estimate purchasing the same for all those coins coin American dell'aquila have a specific weight that is standard. You can buy your coins in denominations American dell'aquila dell'un'oncia, a tenth didi ounces, unity and fourth dioncia accession dioncia half. With these weights of coins you have American dell'aquila you can add to your folder without the concerns about its market value. There is another name that is given for the U.S. currency dell'aquila. It is also known as the currencies of the American Eagle ingot. The program to carry out these coins so that investors add the amounts of physical gold and silver in their investment returned in 1986. Currently, the only American coins were dell'aquila dell'aquila of silver coins and gold, the same that were in circulation. The U.S. currency dell'aquila uncirculated platinum were highlighted at the Hotel that opened 1997.American coins are easily recognizable because of drawings on the front of the coins. Each type of currency characterize the design of Saint-Gaudens Augustus of the lady of the Liberty. And the more expensive American dell'aquila these coins are those of Saint-Gaudens 1934 gold twenty shares of the dollar. The reason for the high value of these currencies dell'aquila U.S. is in the presidential decree of 1934 that prohibited the use of all forms of golden rod. And since the twenty coins dell'aquila U.S. dollar have been made by gold were immediately remember and molten state. Some, however, leaked this fate and a survivor in the world have tried by every avid coin collector. The long and short of it, however, are matters of which it? t of? doesn of whether you are likely to see the currency of the 1934 San-Gaudens gold. What matters is that you learn to recognize and correctly estimate the dell'aquila the American currency you have in your possession and keep them safe.

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WTC 1 of 531 4 Coin Set



Missing $50 Gold

Year 2001
Material Silver and Gold
PCGS Certification Gem Uncirculated
Coins in set 531 sets

So the 1 of 531 WTC coin set was a 4 coin set all from 2001 it consisted of the $1 silver eagle, the $5,$10,$25, Gold eagle all WTC recovery coins. Many of these sets has been broken up and sold but there are still some complete sets around.


$50 Gold Eagle 1999 BU

1999 $50 GOLD

Year 1999
Material Gold
PCGS Certification Uncirculated BU
Population Unknown

Great looking coin in BU condition the 1999 $50 gold is very scares in MS69 but nobody really knows what the population in uncirculated BU condition. The coins when they first came to PCGS for certification as WTC recovered coins all coins where certified the same as uncirculated BU coins it was not until later in the process that PCGS started giving the coins a grade like they would normally do with a coin that got a certification. If anybody reads this has a population number on this coin or any other coin on this web site please let me know.

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WTC Coins 1 of ????

1 of 269

So this is pretty cool, some of the coins from the WTC Ground Zero vault are numbered like the one in the picture above. This means that they all came from the same lot or same person. So lets say John Smith had 269 coins in the vault and all the coins got to PCGS they would then number his coins 1 of 269. All his coins would be numbered like this so there are no 2 of 269  all are numbered 1 of 269 and they are all  grade by PCGS. He could have had many $1 silver eagles and like a series of 1986 gold eagles. Well what happen then was that he would sell off parts of his collection and now these coins are out there. Many people are trying to put together whole gold or platinum collections in numbered coins. So they are trying to put together the coins that where in the vault together and I think that is cool. Most numbered coins is graded as Gem Uncirculated coins witch is at least MS65 but some coins may be even better than that they where just never graded like that the time and extra care and diligence of an actual Numismatic Grade like MS69 was never given to these coins.

So here comes the next question could a coin be send back in to PCGS for a new grading ? Most people I have talked to says don't do it, the very symbol of the coins the American flag in the coin holder will be lost if a coin is re-graded by PCGS.

My personal opinion is that the flag on the coin is very valuable its the  original,  its the way history has made them. The other thing is at if you know that your coin is a sure MS70 but was graded like a Gem Uncirculated keep your coin and treat it like the MS70 that you think it is but keep the history and the flag on your coin if you want to see the real value in these historic coins this is the way to go.

The numbered coins do not tell us anything about the population of any denomination coin it only tell us that one person had 269 coins and he got them all graded by PCGS. It still really cool to have a Gem Uncirculated coin that is numbered or a set of them with the same number.

The different number coins comes in these numbered series.

1 of 150

1 of 190

1 of 269

1 of 426

1 of 531

1 of 900

1 of 1000

1 of 1100

1 of 1440

With this information we know that at least 6,006 coins in the number series from Ground Zero was recovered. If I am missing any number series please let me know.