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The 2 rare Silver Eagles 1993

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So what are the story about the MS68 and MS69 1993 $1 Silver Eagle from the World Trade Center, these two coins are by most collectors though of as the most rare WTC $1 Silver coins found at the WTC. On this site the number estimated for each coin is about 120 pieces of each found. However these numbers are always questioned, especially when and very know coin seller comes out with numbers of 20 coins found of the MS69 1993 coin. So if the real number is somewhere between 20 and 120 coins only PCGS knows. But no matter what the population of these two coins are one thing is for sure these are the 2 lowest population coins found at the world trade center for the $1 Silver Eagle. These coins are price between $900 and $2000 on E-bay.

If anybody has any other information to share about the MS68 or MS69 1993 silver dollar please share it here or in our forum.