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E-Bay Buyers Be Aware !!


Wow just had a real jerk who bought 2 WTC 2001 MS69 coins from me 

Ebay ID:    51dwightdwight

Please be very careful if you want to buy or sell  WTC coins or any other coins to/from this Jerk.  If he bids on any of your auctions please be careful when sending him your coins.  Use this link to block bidders to your auctions E-bay link block bidder

So here is the story. 51dwightdwight writes me an asked if the two coins have any spots on them. I tell him just the normal dust that are found on these coins because that is all that I see. So the guy bids on the coins and wins. He pays and I send him the coins. I leave him positive feedback as soon as he has paid ( my mistake but I am an honest person) He receives the coins and tells me one of the coins has a spot on it. I offer him a 100% refund of his money including shipping if he will send it back to me. So here is where it starts to get nasty. The guy is a power seller on E-bay and feels like he can push people around. So he ask to get a similar coin from 2001 $1 MS 69 from my store that I am selling for $250, its a coin I recently bought from a dealer for $200. Now he starts demanding that I give him the $250 coin as a replacement for the $180 coin he won at the auction just because its a similar year 2001 MS69 coin that I have in my shop and that a refund is not good enough. As a seller on E-Bay he uses his right to leave negative feedback as a tool to push me to give him a coin he did not win at the auction. I just told him that he could do what he wanted to do and that a refund was all I could do for him. But what would you have done in the same situation ? Please let me know as I am sure other people has been scammed like this ? I also think that I am in my full right to tell the guy that a coin in my auction as I bought for a lower amount is different that a coin in my shop that I bought for a higher amount even though its the same coin same year same grade just different buying price. What do you guys think ?

Anyway just wanted to vent and make sure that nobody else get into the same situation with this guy as I just did.