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Best WTC Coins Right Now On Ebay

If I had the money right now I would buy the WTC 1994 set on Ebay, Its the 1994 MS67, 1994 MS68 and 1994 MS69 all together in one set from one seller. Its very nice set of coins and I would go after it if I had the money. They are all very low population coins, I think 15, 17 and 20 something like that of each grade. Its a nice little collection of the 1994 WTC 1 oz gold coin.

I think the coins all together are listed at $11, 995 as a buy it now, please find the auction details below.

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1 oz Gold Bar WTC No Reserve

1 oz gold bar

I normally don't do this but here are one of my auctions for a 1 oz gold bar with no reserve, I just need the money so I am selling it now.

1 oz wtc 911 gold bar

Link to auction


UFA Widow’s and Children’s Fund


WTC911coins will donate its E-bay earning to the UFA Widow's and Children's Fund as from their website "The funds are deposited directly into the Widows' and Children's Fund account and distributed directly to the families of our Fallen Firefighters" Please have a look for yourself here.

If you want to make a personal donation to the UFA Widow's and Children's Fund please mail a check to.

Mail your donation to:
Uniformed Firefighter's Association
204 East 23rd Street
New York, New York 10010
C/O: UFA Widows' and Children's Fund
Please make checks payable to the
UFA Widows' and Children's Fund

"Always Remember... Never Forget"

From all money made off the E-bay auction site when paid out by E-bay will go to this worthy charity for the Uniformed Firefighters Association Widow's and Children's Fund.


It is my hope that everybody here will make a personal donation to the address above. God Bless.



I have gotten a lot of very nice emails supporting our efforts to keep up with the WTC coins and I always enjoy reading them. So thank you all very much for that.

But we need support from people with population numbers with pictures of WTC coins not up on the page yet. So if you have any coins not up on these pages or any information about the WTC coins please send us an email.

Also I have made a section on this page that is made for finding your WTC coins on E-bay. I just found out today that there are some money connected to this page. I think E-Bay Pays WTC911COIN.COMĀ  every time somebody looks at and buys WTC coins direct from the link on WTC911COINS.COM, E-Bay Auction site link hereĀ  WTC EBAY AUCTION

To be honest I am not quite sure what makes the money if its sign up to E-Bay or people buying WTC coin.

But anyway last month $25.96 was made in this way. So we need to find a charity for the WTC Victims or children of victims to give this money to every month as I expect this to happen every month. Now I am not sure what would be the best charity to give this money to so if anybody has any suggestions please email me.

Also if E-Bay wants to give us money for buying coins from this E-bay site link I hope more and more people will start to make their purchase thought the link on this site and thereby give money to a worthy WTC Victims Charity.

Just an update as we get close to the 7 Anniversary of 9/11


E-Bay Buyers Be Aware !!


Wow just had a real jerk who bought 2 WTC 2001 MS69 coins from me 

Ebay ID:    51dwightdwight

Please be very careful if you want to buy or sell  WTC coins or any other coins to/from this Jerk.  If he bids on any of your auctions please be careful when sending him your coins.  Use this link to block bidders to your auctions E-bay link block bidder

So here is the story. 51dwightdwight writes me an asked if the two coins have any spots on them. I tell him just the normal dust that are found on these coins because that is all that I see. So the guy bids on the coins and wins. He pays and I send him the coins. I leave him positive feedback as soon as he has paid ( my mistake but I am an honest person) He receives the coins and tells me one of the coins has a spot on it. I offer him a 100% refund of his money including shipping if he will send it back to me. So here is where it starts to get nasty. The guy is a power seller on E-bay and feels like he can push people around. So he ask to get a similar coin from 2001 $1 MS 69 from my store that I am selling for $250, its a coin I recently bought from a dealer for $200. Now he starts demanding that I give him the $250 coin as a replacement for the $180 coin he won at the auction just because its a similar year 2001 MS69 coin that I have in my shop and that a refund is not good enough. As a seller on E-Bay he uses his right to leave negative feedback as a tool to push me to give him a coin he did not win at the auction. I just told him that he could do what he wanted to do and that a refund was all I could do for him. But what would you have done in the same situation ? Please let me know as I am sure other people has been scammed like this ? I also think that I am in my full right to tell the guy that a coin in my auction as I bought for a lower amount is different that a coin in my shop that I bought for a higher amount even though its the same coin same year same grade just different buying price. What do you guys think ?

Anyway just wanted to vent and make sure that nobody else get into the same situation with this guy as I just did.