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WTC E-Book Section Review

Here is a basic timeline of the discovery and retrieval of the WTC Coins

Oct. 30, 2001: News reports confirm that “a small army of federal agents” stood guard as two Brinks armored trucks worth of gold from underneath Tower #5 of the World Trade Center. In order to reach the cache, workers had to get around a 10 wheeled truck and crushed cars.

Oct 31, 2001: Mayor Rudy Giuliani confirms that much of the lost treasure under 4 World Trade Center has been recovered.

Nov 1, 2001: Iron Mountain Vault that is directly under Tower 4 of the WTC is finally reached, with the coins therein transferred via Brinks armored trucks to storage facilities.

November-December, 2001: The coins are slowly recovered, and eventually sent to Collectors Universe, which is not a grading company itself. CU lists the coins as “Gem Uncirculated”.

Dec. 1, 2001 – June 2002: PCGS starts grading and cataloguing the recovered coins.

While the history of the recovered World Trade Center coins has been surrounded by debate and controversy, it is notable that Collector’s Universe raised some $42,000 for members of the NYFD and their families via the Uniformed Fire Fighters Association Widows and Children's Fund through the sale of some of the coins.

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MS70 $25 Gold Coin Up on Ebay 2 Known Only

Absolutely incredible coin!

MS70 WTC $25 gold coin

This is without a doubt the most desirable coin of all American Eagles that were recovered from the Iron Mountain Vault beneath the World Trade Center. On November 11, 2001 two months after the disaster, this $25 American Gold Eagle was among those found within the vault. They were taken away by Brinks to a storage facility and subsequently graded by PCGS. To imagine that there were some that were able to obtain the coveted PCGS grade of MS70 after the events of that fateful day is simply amazing.

There are only 2 of these 2001 $25s in MS70 known to be in existence, and the other one are closely held by the originator and is not for sale. This will be your only chance to own one, and what an acquisition it would be. A collector's dream.

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PCGS WTC Coins Time Line

salut wtc

  • 11 September 2001, one of the worst days in American history next to the attack of Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941.
  • 11 September 2001, the New York State Quarter 9-11 Firefighters coins are made with the special flag inserts. The New York State Quarter 9-11 Firefighters coin project was started at the PCGS Collectors Universe Forum by PCGS authorized dealer Mitchell Spivac and members of the Collectors Universe Forum forum. 100 numbered coins were finally completed with the help of PCGS. The US Flag insert used with the coin was designed by Senior Vice President of PCGS Miles Standish. 100% of the proceeds are donated to the Uniformed Firefighters Association (UFA) Widows and Children’s Fund. The auction of the 100 coins (numbered 1 thought 100) raised well over $42,000 thousand dollars. 9-11 quarter full story
  • 1 November 2001 the workers at Ground Zero in New York reach the Iron Mountain Vault.
  • 1 November - 1 December 2001 Coins are sent to Collectors Universe for certification. Collectors Universe does not grade coins so the coins are only certified and sonically sealed as "Gem Uncirculated" The initial sale of these coins is advertised by only a few authorized dealers which state that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these coins would be donated to the relief fund set up for the victims of September 11, 2001.
  • 1 December 2001, PCGS gets into the picture and starts grading coins from ground zero. The coins being holdered by PCGS receive the respective grade and then are sonically sealed with a bar coded certification number. On some of the coins, the bar code is hidden behind the PCGS hologram.
  • January 2002-June 2002, PCGS continues grading the different coin recovered as ordered by the “Originators” Coins encapsulated were gold, platinum, silver, copper etc. etc. Some coins were paired up in special sets with limited edition markings such as the 1 of 1000, 1 of 1140 etc. etc. Coins from approximately 10 different countries were recovered and authenticated, some with very low populations as stated on the certified holder.
  • January 2001- 2004, collectors start to include World Trade Center Recovered coin into their registry sets although they are not recognized as WTC pieces when the certification number is looked up in the PCGS data base.
  • January 2002 – Present, the controversy surrounding the WTC recovered coins has the numismatic community split up. Some collectors love the coins and consider them invaluable pieces of American history while others hate them with a passion and refer to them as "death coins".  In the meantime, the WTC coins continue to increase in value as other similar non WTC PCGS certified coins of the same year trade for considerable less.

One last we would like to mention is that these coins are not for everyone! We respect everyone else’s opinions, point of views and we hope that you do the same for everyone else too? If you are of the opinion that these coins should not be sold for a profit because of where they came from, that is your opinion and we respect it. However, to us, they are priceless and we will proudly display them for all to see no matter who buys or sells them.

“We Will Never Forget”


1997 1oz. Australian Gold


Year 1997
Material Gold 1 oz.
PCGS Certification Gem Uncirculated
Population Unknown

Here is another Australian coin the 1997 1 oz Nugget Gem Uncirculated, a very popular coin and also found in the iron mountain vault under the world trade center.