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Why Is Gold Falling In Price

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I bought gold about 4 years ago as in my economical teachings I had always learn if the world are in a crises people will start buy gold as a safe investment. Well looking at the last month of turbulent markets all over the world gold has only gone one way and that has been down. So I wanted to find out what was different this time compared to what the books are telling us would happen when the market goes down. Well looking around on the web I found a great explanation at this blog. 

He Mr. Adam Nash is telling us that people are selling gold to meet margin calls on other investments they have so they have to sell gold. To me that sounds like a reasonable explanation considering the fast collapse of the US and world markets. But does it not also mean that if a hedge fund or mutual fund sells gold to meet market calls that they have to at sometime buy that gold back to keep their risk profile the same as they have advertised to consumers. I think it does and I think it means that the gold will go back up when the markets starts to stabilize again as the people selling gold now really have to sell but they don't want to sell. So they will buy back as their portfolio gets back in the black.

Well its funny to see how the WTC coins and bullion are not affected by the gold and silver price as 1oz. gold coins still sell for a minimum of $1,200 -1,400 and silver coins sell for a minimum of $70 with 1 oz of silver at $10. This makes WTC coins a much safer investment that regular bullion coins which I guess a few people have found out given the recent activity on E-bay. Right now over 150 world trade center coins are up for auction where a normal number in the last 6 month has been around 100 coins.


Gold Located In The WTC


I have gotten a few email about the gold coins and the silver coins and where they came from. A lot of people writing me wants to know, why all this gold and silver was located in the world trade center. I always send them an email back with the research that I have done that is located here.

This will explain everything and it will show you the news paper clips from the time the gold was found. The bullion coins came from the bank of Nova Scotia where they where store at their vault.

If the story of where the gold coins came from has your interest the research is done just follow the link above and you will have everything in one place.


How Investors Add Value to Their Portfolio With American Eagle Coins

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Muna wa Wanjiru asked:

Do judge a bag full of coins and never be considered as the bag was heavy. Property other normal coins are special coins that investors can make arrangements to buy. These special coins will no small sack of money to believe as weigh a ton. Instead these coins can add a little value to a folder? s? the investor. These coins are the American eagle that American dell'aquila Coins.These coins are really very special. Instead of minted and sold for commercial use dell'aquila American coins are issued only to authorized dealers for sales purposes. You can find these coins dell'aquila U.S. bank, brokerage companies, wholesalers, precious metal firms and other places that have been approved by American coins dell'aquila U.S. Mint.These can be found in metal mining, the 'silver and platinum. This means that the quality on them is very high. As these currencies U.S. dell'aquila not sold directly to the public but in sets of proof, they must be bought at current prices for gold and other metals. To make the weight estimate purchasing the same for all those coins coin American dell'aquila have a specific weight that is standard. You can buy your coins in denominations American dell'aquila dell'un'oncia, a tenth didi ounces, unity and fourth dioncia accession dioncia half. With these weights of coins you have American dell'aquila you can add to your folder without the concerns about its market value. There is another name that is given for the U.S. currency dell'aquila. It is also known as the currencies of the American Eagle ingot. The program to carry out these coins so that investors add the amounts of physical gold and silver in their investment returned in 1986. Currently, the only American coins were dell'aquila dell'aquila of silver coins and gold, the same that were in circulation. The U.S. currency dell'aquila uncirculated platinum were highlighted at the Hotel that opened 1997.American coins are easily recognizable because of drawings on the front of the coins. Each type of currency characterize the design of Saint-Gaudens Augustus of the lady of the Liberty. And the more expensive American dell'aquila these coins are those of Saint-Gaudens 1934 gold twenty shares of the dollar. The reason for the high value of these currencies dell'aquila U.S. is in the presidential decree of 1934 that prohibited the use of all forms of golden rod. And since the twenty coins dell'aquila U.S. dollar have been made by gold were immediately remember and molten state. Some, however, leaked this fate and a survivor in the world have tried by every avid coin collector. The long and short of it, however, are matters of which it? t of? doesn of whether you are likely to see the currency of the 1934 San-Gaudens gold. What matters is that you learn to recognize and correctly estimate the dell'aquila the American currency you have in your possession and keep them safe.

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Investment in Gold Bullion Coins

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CoinsBullions asked:

The investment in the currencies of the rod of gold and silver coins are far better option for investment that bars StocksSilver have emerged as popular investment silver because areuniform the formats, making them easy to handle and convenient store. Additionally, silver bars are compact, which allows investors to ensure agreat deal of wealth in small deposits related. The bar silver marks withrecognized the guarantee are readily accepted for resale, making them easy to toconvert cash. Investors bar and the currency of palladium ingot of today have few investmentchoices of palladium. When palladium chiodato to $ 1100 towards the end of 2000, most of palladiuminvestors sold their coins and bars in quell'aumento ingot and released on themarket. During the following years, the demand for small coins andbars of palladium was so small that most minds have abandoned refineries produce private coinsand of ingot of palladium cease doing bars ingot of palladium. Since it was buying industrial investors that forward-almost-notpalladium Shakers and palladium all bars and coins of palladium endedup sold in 2000 merged. Now, though, the bars of palladium ingot and coins beingproduced to meet the renewed investment of palladium. The popular forms of palladium for the investment of 1 oz Credit Suisse and bars ingot 1-ozPAMP, both of which are refined in Europe. Towards the end of 2005, the Canadian mint theRoyal began to strike coins of 1 lle dell'oncia maple leaf of palladium, whichcould is the investor favorites for investment palladium. AlthoughCredit Suisse and Pampa and respected names in precious metals refining, many investors prefer coins produced by the mind of government. Investors of ingot and currency of platinum coins have not ofplatinum large selection to choose from. However, the coinsavailable of ingot platinum next best minds from around the world. PlatinumEagles is produced by the mint of the United States, sheets of maple platinum from Canada 'Canadian mint sRoyal and the platinum Koalas from Australia' gold coins dell'aquila s Perth Mint.American are good collectibles and are considered an option good investment. Another kind of currency is the famous gold coins of gold American Buffalo. It is always advisable to buy gold coins when gold prices fell. Do not get attracted and not buy gold coins when prices are high. It may be a bad investment if prices regredicono. Author bio-- the inventory of coins and ingots include many types of coins of gold ingot as American Eagles, the rod of coins and gold bars. In the future, coins and ingots will expand understanding of gift items and jewelry.


Coin Collector

Coin Collector wake up and discover these beautiful coins of history in our time, the WTC coins certified by PCGS as WTC Ground Zero Recovery. These coins are absolutely beautiful in their original American Flag pedigree insert by PCGS. These coins are our history and they are still available at prices where everybody can be a buyer at these price. If you wait many more years the only coins that will be available will be the silver eagles from the world trade center. Gold and Silver coins will be gone.