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The Indian land is considered as gold. People in India had lot of gold ornaments in any other part of the world. Making India the hub of gold worldIn of India, was invited to continue to invest in gold coins since the itcould provides a safer investment that the ordinary shares and traditional links. According to the Council of gold in the world (WGC), India could become the commercial hub of regionalgold if a number of changes were made as to allow the exchange of theFutures selling in the local market, and enable the bank to financialinstitutions to participate in the market for gold and begin the ingot exportsEven when the arrests of the stock market or if the dollar weakens the gold willcontinue to be a safe. To help promote the idea of gold as an investment sure, the WGC hasalready made a number of recommendations to the government. Among the ideas presented to the ministers were proposals to allow the investment products of gold-tooffer support of the bank loans of gold to local jewelers and the lowering of customs law customs on imports of gold. The Royal Canadian mint made the currency to gold investing to another level in 1979when who brought the coins of gold maple leaf to compete with Krugerrands, which had tremendous success demonstrated a strong request of the bullioncoins' gold. Since the currencies of gold leaf maple were .999 of gold, have made the instantpopularity with buyers of the currency of the rod of gold who wanted to invest in pure goldcoins. In 1987, Australia 's mint of Perth has introduced a currency of golden rod from 1 ounces, of gold coins theAustralian of kangaroos with the image of greatest nuggetever found sull'inverso, Pepito welcome the unknown risks of by 2284 ounces, which wasfound in Western Australia in 1869. The new Australian kangaroos GoldCoins have rightly been called the Australian Pepito. Completion of the gold coin theAustralian of kangaroos carries an image of Queen Elizabeth II, asdo most Australian gold coins. Since 1990, however, the reverse has conveyed the image of a kangaroo, with an annual change of plan. Consequently, the nuggets have turned into kangaroo in Australia Nuggets.Unlike the 'gold coins lunar serial mint s Perth, KangarooNuggets not have production limits. Author bio-- the inventory of coins and ingots include many types of coins of gold ingot as American Eagles, the rod of coins and gold bars. In the future, coins and ingots will expand understanding of gift items and jewelry.

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Gold and silver buried in WTC


By Simon English

Last Updated: 9:22pm BST 18/09/2001

GOLD and silver worth $240m (£170m) is buried under the debris that is all that remains of the World Trade Centre in Manhattan.

Rescue workers searching through the rubble will at some point come across 30m ounces of silver and almost 380,000 ounces of gold, though in what condition is not clear. The silver, worth around $128m, represents a third of the stockpile of Comex, the futures exchange.

The treasure was stored by the Scotia Mocatta Depository Corporation on behalf of investors that trade futures contracts in precious metals on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYME). The value of each metal, seen as "safe havens" in times of crisis, has risen since the terrorist attack.

Gold jumped almost 7pc on Monday to an 18-month high of $290.90 an ounce but fell back yesterday to $287.50. Silver closed in London yesterday at $4.31 an ounce, up from $4.27. The metal had been stored in the WTC for years and almost never changed hands.

Investors buying and selling gold and silver usually just exchange the warrants that indicate ownership. Only 1pc of gold trades involves a physical transfer, said the NYME. Analysts say that the amount under the building is not significant enough to cause a shortage in either gold or silver.

Graham Birch, head of mining at Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, said investors have been moving into his £82m gold equity unit trust. "Gold is also something of a dollar hedge and the lower interest rates are the more attractive, it seems," he said.

Trading in the fund was closed last week, however. The NYME is based at the World Financial Centre, near the ruins of the towers.

It re-opened for business on Monday after working from temporary headquarters last week. An internet trading system was devised to allow at least some dealing. The exchange was the subject of a bomb threat yesterday and evacuated the building as a "precautionary measure", halting trading briefly.

It is an old-style open outcry trading floor that was left intact by the attacks.