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WTC Coin Price Silver and Gold

$25 gold

So the other day I was looking on E-Bay for WTC coins believe me something I do a lot both to keep up with the prices on coins but also to make sure I don't miss a coin that is not up on the web site. So it struck me how much difference there are in prices on one coin. Take the WTC 2001 $1 Silver eagle, I have seen that coin on E-bay from about $199 to around $450 and any amount in between. When somebody runs a no reserve auction the price normally lands right around $200 which I consider the fair price for the coin in this market. Well it made me think that I could make a price comparison under each coin from the WTC. So if you go under the $1 silver eagle right now you should see live the different price on the coin and be able to find the right price. Its this code stuff I use that comes from E-bay so sometimes it brings other coins in also but I think it will give you a better picture of the prices of a coin.


United States Rare Coin Price

How many of the coins found in the Vault of the World Trade Center could get the label of a United States Rare Coin ? What would their prices be ? Well we know that the WTC 2001 $50 Gold Coin MS69 is seen selling on E-bay for as much as $12,000 and since the numbers found of this coin is very small I would say this coin will be a rare coin. Also the coins graded by PCGS from the World Trade Center as MS70 must be considered a united states rare coin. The 1994 $50 Gold MS69 also comes to mind for rare US coins from the the World Trade Center. Will the history of these coins make them united states rare coins and make their prices go up well we have already seen that, will they go up more with time I think we can all agree the answer is yes. Right now you can find the 2001 WTC $50 Gold coin on E-bay Click here for E-bay Listings.


Coin Values

Coin value is always what somebody wants to pay for a coin there can be no other definition to this. To determine the coin value for these WTC coins there are a few things that needs to be remembered. Coin value is a combination of coin population, price of the metal, coin grade and finally the history of the coin. Just look at E-bay that will give you a  good idea of coin value to the WTC coins. So let have a look at this coin the WTC 1999 $50 Gold Eagle what would be the value of this coin. Well by having a look around on this page the population of this coin is thought to be around 144 coins total in the MS69 grade. The coin can be found on E-bay for around $1,300 to $1,800 which is much more than a regular MS69 1 oz eagle grade by PCGS. Coin value here is a historical value and a population value as are the case with most WTC coins.