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WTC-1992 Austrian Sch.

Again a brand new coin was found in the weeks of the 10 anniversary of the WTC attacks. This time its more of a mistake by the PCCG but still its a new WTC coin with only 1 coin in exsistence. It was on ebay for a short while but was then sold for $2,195.99 where a normal 1999 Sch. goes for around $800.

This price I think is justfied by the fact that only 1 mistake like this has been found in the 200 Austrian Sch. Even on the part of the flag the coin says 1999, but when you turn the coin around you will see the date 1992.

It would be a good idea for everybody that are reading this to check your WTC coins for years and labeling there might be more coins like this out there.

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WTC 1998 1 oz philharmonic

Just in time for the 9th Anniversary of the 911 devastating attack on the World Trade Center in New York, comes the coin up for sale, that has been eluded us all for so long. The 1 oz 1998 1 oz Philharmonic 1 of 140, I wish it was not out of my price range but it is. I would love to have that coin for my collection as it is truly the center piece of any WTC collection, but its just to much money for me. I would trade this website for that coin that is how much I want it. But I think I will have to wait for a better time to go after a jewel like this.

WTC 1998 1 oz Philharmonic

WTC 1998 1 oz philharmonic  Most Elusive WTC Coin

There are so many stories about this coin,  and how many of the 140 coins are still in the country. Its hard to know what story is true, but I have hear the following and I am taking no blame if the story is not true but it was told to me by a reliable source. There are 2 of these coins still in USA, the rest has been bough by the Austrian government and melted down as they did not like their coins to be associated with the 911 recovery coins. One would ask if this was the truth why would the small coin the 200 Sch. not be in the same boat, and we know those coins are around. I don't know the answer to that question but I do know that this is the first time in 4 years I have ever seen a wtc 1998 1 oz philharmonic 1 of 140 for sale on ebay.

You can check out the auction here.

So what will the coin go for ? I am not sure but I have already bid the coin to a level where I could not be in it anymore. Maybe 6k maybe 10k I am not sure but we will find out in 7 days.



I have gotten a lot of very nice emails supporting our efforts to keep up with the WTC coins and I always enjoy reading them. So thank you all very much for that.

But we need support from people with population numbers with pictures of WTC coins not up on the page yet. So if you have any coins not up on these pages or any information about the WTC coins please send us an email.

Also I have made a section on this page that is made for finding your WTC coins on E-bay. I just found out today that there are some money connected to this page. I think E-Bay Pays WTC911COIN.COM  every time somebody looks at and buys WTC coins direct from the link on WTC911COINS.COM, E-Bay Auction site link here  WTC EBAY AUCTION

To be honest I am not quite sure what makes the money if its sign up to E-Bay or people buying WTC coin.

But anyway last month $25.96 was made in this way. So we need to find a charity for the WTC Victims or children of victims to give this money to every month as I expect this to happen every month. Now I am not sure what would be the best charity to give this money to so if anybody has any suggestions please email me.

Also if E-Bay wants to give us money for buying coins from this E-bay site link I hope more and more people will start to make their purchase thought the link on this site and thereby give money to a worthy WTC Victims Charity.

Just an update as we get close to the 7 Anniversary of 9/11