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WTC 11 Years But We Will Never Forget

As the 11 year anniversary gets closed to the WTC towers collapse it feels more a part of history than ever the WTC coins I have in my vault. Taking them out once in a while to admire their beauty and to look at the American flag insert.

I have not been looking at Ebay for a while as new coin acquisition has not been in the cards for me. However around September 11 the WTC coins normally comes out in force. I can see this year they are to. I always look for the best coin I can find to display here as that would be the coin I would get. This coin is selected both for how rare it is and the price point for a coin of this caliber.

WTC 1994 $50 gold

This year it goes to the WTC 1994 $50 MS67 gold coin. With a very small population and a price not above $4,000 its for me the best coin on Ebay right now for my collection if I was in the market.

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Question About WTC Coins Certified By PCGS

For some reason I am getting a lot of questions right now about the coins found at the World Trade Center and certified by PCGS. The questions are all along the lines of "How do I know that these coins where really in a vault under the WTC ?" Well there are only one company that knows that for certain and the is PCGS they are the one that certified the coins and slab them with the American Flag insert. I have done my homework on these coins and I urge you to do the same if there are any questions in your mind about the wtc coins and if they are legit. Call PCGS ask them questions about the coins, ask them how many where certified, ask them about the chain of custody and how the coins ended up at PCGS. These are all questions that you should ask PCGS. Contact PCGS Customer Service at 800-447-8848.

As a side note PCGS is the biggest coin grading company in the world with over 17 million coins graded commanding a total value over $18 billion, PCGS represents the industry standard in third-party certification. PCGS offers money-back guarantee of grading accuracy and authenticity

I hope PCGS will get some call from readers of this page and please share any new information about the WTC Coins.


Silver Eagles

Silver eagles where found at the vault under the world trade center and even in this Gem Uncirculated grade it sure is a beautiful coin. The pedigrees American Flag insert made on all silver eagles found at the world trade center vault was specially design by PCGS when they graded the coins and put them in their cases. Many of the coins I personally own has small specs of dust and other debris inside the enclosed capsule but I look at this as just part of the history of these coins.


Coin Collector

Coin Collector wake up and discover these beautiful coins of history in our time, the WTC coins certified by PCGS as WTC Ground Zero Recovery. These coins are absolutely beautiful in their original American Flag pedigree insert by PCGS. These coins are our history and they are still available at prices where everybody can be a buyer at these price. If you wait many more years the only coins that will be available will be the silver eagles from the world trade center. Gold and Silver coins will be gone.


The 2001-P NY Firefighters 9-11


Year 2001
PCGS Certification MS65
Population 100

The 9/11 charity coins,  were used as a vehicle to give 100% donations to those families of the NYPD firefighters who were in immediate need of outside financial assistance. The charity coin and the generous donations a collective effort of the people from the Collectors Universe Forum. The charity auction that sold off the 100 coins raised over $42,000 to families of the NYPD firefighters.

The PCGS WTC 911 Firefighters New York State Quarter was the first coin to have the American flag slap on it. This coin was however not found at ground zero and was not like the rest of the coins slap with Ground Zero Recovery Coin. These 100 coins where used as 100% donations to the NYPD firefighters.