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WTC $5 Gold MS70

This coin was on Ebay yesterday for about 4 hours before it was sold to a Buy It Now bid of $4,000.00 I have seen 1 more MS70 2001 $5 on Ebay awhile back but I dont know the population numbers on this coin.

wtc 2001 MS70

It sure looks like a very nice coin.

The same seller has this coin WTC 1998 $5 MS70

that I have never seen before.

WTC 1998 MS70

It looks to me like there are some new WTC coins coming to the market right now and I love that it gives us a chance to see what is out there.

The last coin that I want to talk about from the same seller is a 1997 WTC MS70 1 oz.

wtc 1997 MS70

I did not know that this coin was even out there but today has been a great surprise with the new wtc coins coming to the market.

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