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WTC 1989 PCGS MS69



Year 1989
Material Silver


So this coin just came to my attention this morning after Blue Moon Coins sold 10 of the coins. This is the most rare of the WTC $1 silver eagles with only 65 coins know to have been found. This fact has somehow been confirm by PCGS.

So by seeing this picture from PCGS I start having a lot of questions. First I don’t know how to get access to this information as I has always been told by PCGS that no numbers are available from PCGS on the WTC coins. Second if they can give numbers out on one coin they must be able to give numbers out on all coins from the WTC. So I will be calling PCGS today and see what I can find out about this. Now lets look at this picture a we see the PCGS NO 69826 where does that number come from ? Good thing I know the people over at Blue Moon Coins, great people if you ever need some hard to find WTC coins try them out.

New population numbers as of 11 june 2009 PCGS shows 65 coins