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1933 Gold Double Eagle Coins are a Collector’s Dream

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Christina Goldman asked:

One of the gold coins of more requests in the history of collecting money and investment is double gold coin dell'aquila 1933. This beautiful gold coin was published recently in 1933. Minted by the fever of gold in California in the early 30, the Eagles double production ceased in the United States under the direction of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Law of the gold reserves of 1934, which made it illegal so that private individuals have the coins of gold for use in general circulation. The exception to the rule was for those who collected the coins. The Law of the gold reserves has served to severely restrict the use of gold coins as legal tender currency to the U.S. to help boost the economy, recuperante from years of depression. The gold coin for $ 20, affectionately nicknamed the "Double Eagle" minted in Philadelphia and endured the majestic eagle on one side and freedom of the lady on the other hand. The coins dell'aquila first minted in 1795 in $ 10 denominations. $ 20 shares of gold have been affected in 1850.In 1933, nearly 500,000 shares of gold double dell'aquila minted, but most of these eagles of gold was never used. Unfortunately, large numbers of them were destroyed. Two excellent examples can be seen at the Smithsonian. The double dell'aquila of gold coins are extremely rare and much coveted by collectors and investors not only in the U.S. but also around the world. Today, the value of $ 20 double dell'aquila shares of gold may exceed $ 30,000. Containing .9675 pure gold, double 1933 dell'aquila of gold coins are a favorite American. Weighing in at just above un'oncia, double eagle $ 20 gold is not only an exceptional coin, but one surrounded by history and grandeur.

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