American Eagle Gold Proof Sets – a Gorgeous Golden Keepsake

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Christina Goldman asked:

The sets of Americans test of gold dell'aquila are perfect for collectors of golden rod that estimate have a beautiful keepsake version of the U.S. currency's golden rod dell'aquila.  Each of these beautiful American coin proof 4 of golden rod dell'aquila contains a 1 oz, the ounce of 1 / 2, 1 / 4 ounces and a 1/10th currency dell'oncia test.  just the facts (1.) Each coin in U.S. currency, the test of the four golden rod dell'aquila is regarded as a legal tender currency. (2). Each coin is OFA 91.67% gold (22 carats). (3.) The content and weight of each currency is proof of gold realmente supported by the U.S. government. (4.) Each set of proof American gold dell'aquila is available in limited mintag.  All 2008 test dell'aquila of gold has limited production of just 35,000. (5.) The four coins in every set of test has a nominal value, a measure, a gold and meet a different weight. The gold coin of American dell'aquila DesignThe is a true masterpiece.  The front of the coin, or complement, showcases a representation of Augustus Saint-Gaudens' figure high and full of Libery, complete with long hair and flow freely.  In his right hand, freedom is carrying a torch and in his left side, the olive branches.  The plan described on the back of the coin, or the reverse, was generated by the sculptor Miley Busiek. Here un'aquila male can be seen carrying olive branches and fly up above un'aquila women and their hatchlings in their nest. Each coin is DifferentThe one (1) ounce. the currency has aa face value of fifty dollars.  It measures 1287 inches in diameter, contains un'oncia troy ounce of gold and has an OFA weight 1.0909 troy oz. The halfway ( ½) ounce. The coin has a face value of the twenty-five dollars. As 1063 inches in diameter, contained the evolution of 0.5000troy ounces of gold has a weight of 0.5455 troy oz. The fourth (¼ Â) ounce. The coin has a face value of ten dollars. As 0866 inches in diameter, contains 0.2500 troy ounces of gold and has an OFA weight 0.2727 troy oz. One tenth (1/10th)  ounce. The coin has a face value of five dollars. Measure 0650 inches in diameter, contains 0.1000 troy ounces of gold and does believe a weight of 0.1091 Affairs ouncesWhy troy Proof worth paying the extra cost to invest in the version of the test in contrast to the normal currency of ingot.  Coins test increase in value above the general rise in the price of gold, as have a smaller circulation and a special appeal to collectors of money.  The American test of gold dell'aquila is impressive by a coin behold.  The special treatment technique used to make the test generates a currency that has a look very attractive, beautiful, impressive.  where BuyYou can choose to buy the test of gold dell'aquila of 2008 Americans settled by the United States Mint. collectors looking to add sets dated prior to their accumulation will have to do a bit of research. Many sets of older and hard-to-find can be found for sale online via the online site of the auction, eBay. Ebay is a very cost effective and convenient to obtain sets of proof.  Before the purchase of any set of gold dell'aquila proof of the American, ensures that the seller is estimable and has a history of positive responses.

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